Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy

The Centre is an independent academic institution monitoring human rights developments both domestically and worldwide, issuing a monthly Bulletin, as well as organizing conferences.

22. 2. 2015  

This year, as well as the last year, the Cetre had the honor to organize the national roud of the prestigious moot court competition Jessup. This year's round dealing with legal dispute between fictional states Agnostica and Reverentia and an annexation of a territory of one of them took part in the courtroom of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic in Brno. 

The best speaker prize was awarded to Filip Hloušek and Vuk Djukić, the prize for the best written submission was awarded to the team from the Law Faculty of the Charles University. The absolute winner of this year's round was however the team from the Law Faculty of the Palacký University in Olomouc. This team will be representing the Czech Republic beyond the ocean, at the world finale that will take part in the Washington D. C.

The organisation of the national round would not be possible without the White and Case law firm, with whose financial support made it possible to give the national round form that is appropriate and that the prestigious moot court competition undoubtedly deserves.

26. 11. 2014  

Hubert Smekal co-authored with Veronika Hermanová a chapter titled "Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles: The Case of the Czech Republic" that was published in a book Spain and the Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the Huygens publishing house.

The chapter can be downloaded here.

5. 12. 2014  

In the new special issue of the International Relations (Mezinárodní vztahy), titled "Intitutional an legal aspects of the European integration" is to be found and article by a member of the Center, Hubert Smekal, titled "Pronikání lidských práv do agendy Evropské unie" ("Human rights in the European Union agenda").

20. 10. 2014  

In October, the publishing house Juris Publishing published a book of essays titled „Revolution in the International Rule of Law“ which is dedicated to the international dispute resolution, human rights and international law. The collection is published in honor of prof. Don Wallace, the president of the International Law Institute in Washington and a professor at the Georgetown Law. Lukáš Hoder published a chapter dealing with damages in the international investment arbitration. The co-author of the chapter is Borzu Sabahi, an attorney from Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle and a professor at the Columbia Law and the Georgetown Law.

An information about the book can be found at the website of the Juris Publishing.

15. 3. 2015  

Martina Grochová published an article in the Legal Studies and Practice Journal of the Masarkyk University, titled "Spontánně vznikající sociální rodičovství v judikatuře Evropského soudu pro lidská práva" ("Spontanously developed social parenthood in the ECtHR case law"). The article deals with the question of how much weight does the ECtHR adds to the factual and biological family links when considering whether the right to respect of family life was breached during the custody proceedings before courts.

Ladislav Vyhnánek published his article Proporcionálně či jinak? Problém ústavního přezkumu zásahů do sociálních práv." ("Proportionally or not? Judicial review of social rights limitations.").

1. 7. 2015  

A member of the Center, Linda Janků, commented on the EU asylum policy in the Czech Television show "Týden v justici" ("Week in Courts"). A Center's associate, Lubo Majerčík, commented in the same show on the immigration policy. 

You can watch the programme here (Czech language only).

25. 6. 2015  

Ladislav Vyhnánek, member of the Center, commented on the US Supreme Court case concerning the rights of homosexuals. Ladislav Vyhnánek was invited to the Czech Television show "Týden v jusitici" ("Week in Courts") to comment on the pending decision whether the US Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry.

You can watch the programme here (in Czech language only).