Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy

The Centre is an independent academic institution analysing human rights developments. It organizes conferences, issues a monthly Bulletin and informs about human rights in the Czech Republic and Europe, as well as in the rest of the world.

Should international observer missions influence fairness of elections?

Could they be considered a tool for promoting democracy or rather a mean of legitimizing government of pseudo democrats? 


These and many other questions were answered by three experienced elections observers during a seminar organized by the Centre which was held on April 18 at the Faculty of Social Science, Masaryk University. 

Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy organized a seminar on "Occupy Wall Street"

Overcrowded lecture hall at the Faculty of Social Science of Masaryk University in Brno experienced contributions and discussions on the topic of Occupy Wall Street on 6th of December 2011. Jana Kovacovska via video streaming from New York expressed impressions directly from area where the demonstrations take place. Afterwards, the phenomenon was analyzed by lawyer Ladislav Vyhnanek  (Constitutional court, MU) alongside with economist Vladan Hodulak (FSS MU) and political scientist Ondrej Cisar (FSS MU). Centre for Human rights was also represented by Hubert Smekal as a host of the discussion.

Member of the CCHRD won the best Czech human rights thesis of 2011 award

Member of the Czech Center for Human Rights Monika Marekova who is currently an intern at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in Hague was awarded for the best human rights thesis of 2011. The thesis deals with the conflict between the right to respect for private and family life and the protection of public safety. The competition is organized by the League of Human Rights. Patronage over the League is held by Vice-President of the Constitutional court Eliska Wagnerova who commented the work at award ceremony : " Her work is exceedingly great and fairly written. This topic is very actual and we at the Constitutional court encounter the issue very often".