The Czech Center for Human Rights and Democracy organizes thematic round tables, conferences, lectures, film debates, seminars and student competitions. Experts both from the Czech Republic and abroad attend our events.

2. 6. 2016  

The children’s ombudsman is an institution that protects the rights of children and oversees the fulfilment of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other rights promised by the legal order. The children’s ombudsman can function in many ways – it can be a part of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights or it can be an independent institution.

20. 4. 2016  

This year, the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy again organised the national round of the Jessup Moot Court Competition. The event is one of the oldest and biggest competitions for students in the field of international law. Every year, students get an assignment with a complicated international problem. Then they have to persuade the judge on the International Court of Justice of their arguments (via verbal and written statements)." title="<--break-->" class="mceItem">