This event took place on the 10th of December, 2018 and celebrated the 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Human Rights Day. The programme consisted of:

18: 00 - Screening of a document called Before the Flood (a National Geographic document starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

19:30 - Break

20:00 - A discussion with experts about climate change, our rights and the future of our planet. Experts that took part in the discussion:

Alexander Ač - An ecologist examining the impacts of climate change (Czech Globe – the Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic)

Petra Marie Andrášik – A lawyer (Frank Bold)

Jana Gregorová - A Head of the Department of Territorial Planning and Environment (The Office of the Public Defender of Rights)

Kristina Klosová - A member of a movement of climatic justice (from the ecological movement Limity jsme my)

Vojtěch Vomáčka - A expert in the environmental field (Faculty of Law, Masaryk University)