This issue of the Review offers you a summary presentation of conclusion of the European Network Against Racism report on the state of racism and discrimination in the Czech Republic, which was written primarily by Center's members. Additionally, the Review features articles about the turbulent developments in the Slovak judiciary as well as at the Czech Constitutional Court. Last but not least, we invite you to read about the most recent major cases against the Czech Republic decided by the European Court of Human Rights.

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Involuntary Hospitalization: Strategic Litigation Strikes Back

The third Constitutional Court

An Independent Judiciary: Are Slovak Judges Capable of Self-Reflection?

The Democratic Deficit in the Czech Party System: a Brief Comment on Fees for Getting to the Election List of Candidates

Segregation of Roma in Czech Special Schools

Business and Human Rights: Not Only States Should Respect Human Rights

The Center’s ENAR Shadow Report on Racism and Discrimination in the Czech Republic 2011-2012: A Worsening Situation for the Roma Minority