The Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy is proud to present a new issue of the Czech Republic Human Rights Review.

Searching for proportionality was the red thread of the major events that occurred in the Czech law in the “pandemic year” 2021. It is apposite that the Czech Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms celebrated its 30th anniversary as highlighted by Tereza Kuklová in her opening essay.

Tereza further examines a parliamentary (in)competence to stop the government from declaring a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and debates the major shortcomings of anti-pandemic measures. To get a glimpse at some particular violations, Nikola Sedláková examines the Constitutional Court's judgment concerning a general ban on retail sales. Daniela Matyášová then probes into the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court which annulled the mandate to wear a respirator.

The next part of our review could be described by the notion of “security.” First, Tereza Kuklová introduces a controversial constitutional amendment regarding a right to defend one’s life with the use of a weapon. Nikola Sedláková examines various issues of national security emerging from the annual report of the Security Information Service. Daniela Matyášová then moves to discuss whether a recognition of same-sex adoption may be viewed as a threat to the Czech sovereignty. Lastly, Kateřina Ochodková discusses the constitutional procedure of removing presidential powers relating to the unfavourable health condition of the Czech President.

Regarding the security of a person, Jana Koblasová examines the right to be provided with a placenta after childbirth and Nikola Sedláková sheds light on the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights concerning mandatory child vaccination.

Our review concludes with remarks written by Kateřina Ochodková regarding an interesting effect of the new electoral system on elections to the (Czech) Chamber of Deputies in October 2021.

Notwithstanding the difficult times, we wish you an enjoyable reading.