The Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy is proud to present a new issue of the Czech Republic Human Rights Review examining the period of 2016.

We are opening the issue with a piece from a guest writer Jan Kozubík who offers a description of the 2016 developments in the Czech LGBT policy areas.

Following are articles by the Centre’s members or former members that focus on specific Czech human rights related issues we observed in 2016, e.g. Šárka Dušková’s comprehensive outlook on changes undertaken in the field of inclusive education or Petr Pospíšil’s article on very serious yet controversial asylum proceedings with the “Chinese Christians”.

You can download Czech Republic Human Rights Review here


  • Gay rights in the Czech Republic - current struggles
  • Steps towards inclusive education
  • The case of Chinese asylum-seekers in the Czech Republic
  • Right to respect for private life versus reconciliation with the state's totalitarian past
  • High Court holds that the use of wiretapping devices in the case of David Rath was illegal 
  • Discrimination of the Roma minority and Muslims in the Czech Republic