University Courses Taught by Members of the Centre

Centre Members teach several courses devoted to human rights issues at the Masaryk University.

Courses at Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University


  • Introduction to Study of Human Rights (EVS134) - Hubert Smekal, Katarína Šipulová, Anna Matušinová
  • The Judicialization of International Politics (MVZ429) - Hubert Smekal, Katarína Šipulová
  • Transitional Justice (EVS167) - Katarína Šipulová

Courses at Faculty of Law, Masaryk University 


  • Asylum and Migration Law (MVD017K) - Linda Janků
  • Human Rights and Judiciary (MP714Zk) - Ladislav Vyhnánek
  • Human Rights in Europe (MVV32K) - Ladislav Vyhnánek
  • International Protection of Human Rights (BT504Zk) - Ladislav Vyhnánek
  • Legal Clinic of Refugee Law I (MV728K) - Linda Janků


  • Human Rights in Practical Application (MVD002K) - Ladislav Vyhnánek
  • Legal Clinic of Refugee Law II (MV840K) - Linda Janků
  • Religion and Faith in Democratic State (MVV31K) - Ladislav Vyhnánek