Human Rights Organizations in the Czech Republic

Organizations are listed in the alphabetical order within each category.

Governmental Institutions (GOs)

Representations of International Organizations in the Czech Republic (IGOs)

Academic Centers

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)

note: i -> organization is a part of an international group (INGO)

dealing with human rights comprehensively

  • Amnesty International [cs] (i) - organizes campaigns in particular in support of prisoners of conscience, is engaged in education in the field of HR, reports on the status of HR in the Czech Republic

  • Counselling Centre for Citizenship, Civil and Human Rights [cs]- offers legal assistence (especially in the field of racial discrimination and integration of foreigners), comments on legislation, offers social assistence to vulnerable families

  • Czech Helsinki Committee - focuses on lobbying, monitoring of functioning of police etc., handlmonitorování činnost policie apod., solving concrete cases and informing and educating in the field of HR

  • DEMAS - brings together 11 non-governmental organizations focusing on supporting democratization, human rights and civil society in the Czech Republic as well as in abroad

  • Iuridicum Remedium - offers legal assistance to socially disadvantaged people, draws attention to violation of the rights to privacy (especially in relation to technology and government)

  • League of Human Rights - focuses on children's rights, health care system, judiciary and police, defends victims of HR violation in strategic cases, promotes systemic changes

  • NESEHNUTÍ - informs and educates in the field of multicultural society, defends equality of men and women, runs eco-assistence service, supports civic initiatives in the Czech Republic as well as in Caucasus and Transnistria

  • People in Need - supports oposition activists and dissidents in countries such as Cuba, Burma, Belarus, Moldova / Transnistria, Ukraine and China

specializing in civil rights

  • Association of Civic Counselling Centres [cs] - brings together 40 civic counselling centres providing professional social and/or legal assistance, realizes other projects

  • Civil Society Development Foundation - supports civic organizations by bringing them together, financing them and making them more professional through constant education

  • Environmental Law Service - proposes and promotes legislation ensuring impossibility of connecting politics with business, handles with cases of damaging nature and endangering health, offers legal assistance especially in the field of civil rights, supports civic initiatives

specializing in women's rights, supporting equal opportunities

  • Czech Women's Lobby - brings together 21 Czech non-governmental organizations, is a part of Eruporan Women's Lobby, focuses on ensuring media coverage of gender issues and on lobbying

  • European Contact Group - promotes equal opportunities, provides education for providers of social assistance services and their clients

  • Forum 50 % - aims at equal representation of women and men in politics, organizes seminars and campaigns, focuses on lobbying

  • ProEquality - analyzes level of gender equality in the Czech Republic in the area of family or public policy and labor market

  • proFem - offers legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, focuses on lobbying

specializing in children's rights

  • Children Crisis Centre [cs] - focuses on battered, abused and neglected children, runs helpline, provides legal assistance

  • Czech Section of Defence for Children International (i) - expands awarness of International Convention on the Rights of the Child, organizes seminars, gives inputs to implementation of individual provisions

  • Our Child Foundation - focuses on educational projects in the area of children's rights, offers grants, deals with requests for assistance, cooperates with children's homes

specializing in rights of minorities

  • IQ Roma servis - provides social and legal assistance, educational services and leisure time activities to people endangered by social exclusion, especially to Roma people

  • In Iustitia - offers legal assistance to people exposed to hate crimes, focuses on protection of communities endangered by violent rasism or neonacism (especially through lobbying, field work)

specializing in rights or migrants and refugees

  • Association of Citizens Assisting to Migrants - offers legal and social assistance to foreigners and asylum seekers relating to their inclusion and integration into majority society (e.g. through providing language courses or leisure time activities)

  • Association for Integration and Migration - offers legal and social assistance to foreigners, proposes systemic changes (especially in legislation), expands awarness of foreigners in the Czech Republic with the purpose of preventing xenophobia and rasism

  • Association for Legal Issues of Migration - offers legal assistance to foreigners detained for the purposes of expulsion, runs online counselling service, defends foreigners in strategic cases

  • Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic - brings together 11 organizations focusing on the same issues, ensures sharing of information among organizations, ensures media coverage of individual cases, comments on legislation

  • Counselling Centre for Integration - offers social and legal assistance to foreigners living in the Czech Republic, provides tutoring for children and Czech language courses

  • Most pro lidská práva - runs counselling centre for foreigners, organizes language courses, informs and educates aiming at supporting multicultural society

  • Multicultural Center Prague - realizes a lot of projects focusing on multicultural issues, supports intercultural literacy of individuals and institutions

  • Slovo 21 [cs]- realizes cultural and educational projects in the area of integration of foreigners living in the Czech Republic and Roma projects

specializing in issues relating to human trafficking

  • La Strada (i) - runs SOS a INFO line, searches for vulnerable people in the field, offers accommodation and other material assistance, provides legal and social assistance, focuses on lobbying

specializing in protecting the environment

  • Greenpeace [cs] (i) - organizes campaigns aiming at protecting the environment
  • Veronica - offers environmental counselling service, realizes model ecological projects, founds civic associations and supports their functioning

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Links to non-profit organizations focusing on other issues can be found here [cs], state evidence of non-governmental non-profit organizations is here [cs].