Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy

The Czech Republic lacked an academic centre that would focus on impartial academic research concerning topics related to human rights protection. Although the Czech Republic is often presented as a state that follows human rights principles and seeks to apply them in its foreign policy, social science research focusing on this issue cannot be considered as fully developed.

Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (CCHRD) differs both from non-governmental institutions and governmental agencies. The Centre is an independent academic institution analysing human rights from social science and international law perspective. The existence of such a centre is a standard in most of the EU member states. In some countries, e.g. in neighbouring Austria, there are even more independent university centres concerned with human rights.


Thematic Panels

Centre specializes in several specific areas which were selected in accordance to professional orientation of its members and courses thaught at the Department of International Relations and European Studies and the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University.

  1. International Criminal Justice
  2. European System of Human Rights Protection
  3. International Politics, Business and Human Rights
  4. Czech Republic and Human Rights


I) Writing of Papers and Policy Recommendations

II) Organizing of Conferences and Discussions

  • 2009 - conference 60 Years of the Council of Europe - 50 Years of the European Court of Human Rights (December)
  • 2010 - seminar focusing on the International Criminal Court (May); Democracy in Cuba? discussion with a Cuban dissident (December)
  • 2011 - seminar Protection of Social, Economic and Cultural Rights by Constitutional Courts (April); seminar Occupy Wall Street (December)
  • 2012 - seminar Elections from the View of their Observers (April); workshop Discrimination in the Labor Market (November); seminar International Criminal Court: Political and Legal Limits to Its Efficiency (December); lecture Functioning of the Secret Police during Stalinism and the Lustration Process in 90s (December)
  • 2013 - screening of Kabult Transit followed by discussion with the director David Edwards (April); seminar EU Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: Legal Assessment, Prospects and Pitfalls (October); disussion Understanding the Syrian Conflict (December); conference Human Rights and Citizenship (December); discussion Freedom of Expression and Political Satire (December)
  • 2014 - international workshop Human Rights for the Vulnerable (June)

III) Issuing of a Regular Monthly Online Bulletin

The archive is here (in Czech only).

IV) Issuing of the Czech Republic Human Rights Review

V) Providing of Education and Informing of Wider Public through Web and Lectures

The Centre is a quality information and educational institution which can be contacted once you want to know more about human rights and democratization or once you need a study concerning these topics.

The Centre cooperates with academia - Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno, practise, non-governmental organizations and judiciary - the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic or the Europan Court of Human Rights. In September 2012 the Centre became a member of AHRI (The Association of Human Rights Institutes), an international organization that brings together research institutions focusing on human rights. The aim of AHRI is to support research, education and public debates in the field of human rights and to coordinate international cooperation in this area.